What I’m Watching: Feb 21st 2017

What I’m Watching is where I give you the latest and greatest Of what Im watching.

This month, It’s all about Netflix. No, I’m not sponsored by them, but they do get a good bit (read almost all) of my viewing time.

C Kay Studios: What I'm Watching
C Kay Studios: What I’m Watching

Stranger Things: Yup, finally on the band wagon and, it’s as good as every one says. It’s a different genre for me (spooky, monsters, 80’s), but I liked it all the same. Super excited there’s going to be a season two!

Abstract: The Art of Design. OK this. If you watch one thing this month, it should be THIS.  From illustrators, set designers, to shoe designers and architects, they all seem to have one thing in common, a passion for creating, for the sake of creating. And what I like about it even more is the editing. This is not your typical documentary. The editing enhances the designers, each episode a different mini movie. It is SO enthralling. I LOVE it!! Talk about inspiration to convince you to keep creating, keep imagining, and keep going after your dreams. They also all talk about the importance of getting out of your routine and experiencing something different. LOVE THIS> because I’m always looking for reasons why travel is an important budget item. 

The Crown: Great drama. Great Actors. Compelling bit of history. I love these series that give you an inside seat to history, while making it interesting enough to watch. Love seeing Churchill in a different light, at the end of his career. And of course, Matt Smith is brilliant. 

American Crime Story: The People Versus OJ: Ok this I could. not. stop. watching. Being a kid when this happened there was sooooo much I never knew!!! I remember the car chase being on the news, but that was about it. I knew there would be racial issues, but I had NO idea the feminist ones!!! This was amazing. And I can’t wait for next season on Hurricane Katrina. 

Colony, Between, and Travelers. All apocalyptic, all good enough for me to finish, but nothing mind blowing or earth shattering here. Solid choices if you like Hunger Games, Divergent, etc. 

Series with the Hubby- So Awhile ago we learned the importance of having a “fall back series”. Something that we don’t have to think or scroll through a million things before we agree on something. So, we watch a series, usually at an incredibly slow speed, but it gives us a nice relief when we just want to decompress and watch something.

So this month its: Arrow. We finished The Flash (one of our all time favorites) a little bit ago and this is kind of its companion show, so we are trying to catch up. It’s good, a little teenagey feeling at times, but decent story line.