Spring 2015 Trend: Culottes or Long Shorts


I had ridiculous high hopes for this trend. I just knew it was for me. See modest shorts are hard to come by, and most of the time they are far from fashionable. So I thought Culottes! This is the answer!

Unfortunately I recently got my hands on a pair….. and THEY LOOKED HORRIBLE. Now, I don’t think this is true for all brands, but lets just say the ones I could find just didn’t do any good. So much so I wondered if I had them on backwards….. Nope they just don’t work on short people. 

maybe if someone comes out with them in petite?

CKay Studios Spring Style 2015: Culottes

CKay Studios Spring Style 2015: Culottes

Here’s hoping, because the inspiration is just dang beautiful, but i can’t help but think that this trend has got to die.


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