Product Review: Orange Mud Hydration Vest- HydraQuiver Vest pack 2

This thing….


Anyone else have a belt like this?

I did… for my first marathon training and let me tell you… I HATED IT!!!

The bottles never sealed right because of the angled necks, leaving me with blue streaks from Gateraid and shorts that looked like I wet myself. Not to mention all the hydration I wasn’t getting from them leaking. 

And then when they fell out of the fridge and the lids busted on the tile because they were made out of hard plastic and not rubber.

And when it would jiggle up and down rubbing the small of my back raw…

Yeah, I knew there had to be a better option because this. was. miserable. But unfortunatly necessary for long runs.

I hated handhelds because it felt wierd and unbalanced and having to hold something in your hand, (even if it is strapped) for HOURS??? not fun.

Camelback: too clunky, too big, swished around a LOT, leaked, and messed with my stride.

But this, THIS is as close to perfection as you can get with on the run hydration.

May I present the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Vest Pack 2 (<- Direct to Orange Mud)

  (<- Affiliate Link)

I have had this baby for awhile now, and it does not disappoint!

Ok so here is the run down:

It’s a Vest so you wear the water on your back. Reaching overhead allows you to grab the bottles and drink, even while running. 

The bottles are normal sport water bottles making them easy to hold, fill, and throw in the dishwasher when you’re done. 

This pack has two pockets in the front for your fuel: gels, gummies, crackers, shoot you could probably sit a sandwich in there, and other essentials like keys, cash, subway card, bandaids, athletic tape, sunglasses, your small child…. ok kidding about that last one. Before I upgraded my phone to the iphone 6 plus, I could use one pocket to carry my phone which I loved being able to run sans armband from time to time.

The structure is sound, comfortable, adjustable, and durable. You do have to adjust the straps at first to get a good bounce-less fit, but once you take care of the initial fitting, I have yet to need to adjust the straps. It’s easy on, easy off. 

So now let’s do the nitty-gritty:


– It’s pricey at $149.95, but I feel that it is completely worth it. 

– It’s extra weight, but not really. I honestly don’t notice it (and this is coming from someone who wears minimalist shoes because she hates the extra weight). 

-If you have long hair, the rubber tops of the bottles grab on to stray hairs and PULL. My solution has been to put my hair up in a top bun and problem solved. 

-The straps are slightly wide. I am a small woman so my shoulders are not that broad. It’s not uncomfortable, but I could see a more slender strapped model being more comfortable and feel less bulky on the shoulders. 

-Grabbing a water bottle requires shoulder flexibility. Now, it should be noted that I have absolutely NO shoulder flexibility due to the way my shoulders are formed. You know that stretch where  you throw one shoulder over the top of your back and you’re suppose to be able to grab the other hand? yeah…. Can’t do that.
yeah… never going to happen

So much so that I got an A- in Aerobics in college because of it. Don’t laugh, I was born this way! Phew! Tangent. Anyways due to my lack of shoulder flexibility I don’t always get the bottle on the first grab and sometimes have to shimmy the pack straps down a tug to be able to reach it. But I have had no problem dropping the bottles back in the slots after hydration. To me, this really isn’t a concern but I thought I would mention it in case you recently had rotator cuff surgery or something. My husband took it for a spin and had no problem grabbing the bottles. 

-Apparently this particular pack is rough for females with large breasts….. Well I’ll just put it out there, I am a C cup (which is kinda big for a runner) and have no problem. If you are well, well endowed, try the original version


-It rocks, plain and simple. It really is the best option for runners to have hydration and fuel at their fingers. Seriously, even if I know there will be drinking fountains, I take it on any run over 6 miles. Ya know, just in case. And that’s saying something because with the old hydration systems it had to be like 12 miles before I would consider torturing myself with a hydration belt, and if there were drinking fountains along the way… no way it was coming out. 

-Bright orange and reflectiveness for visibility. 

– Bottles are easy to clean, easy to fill.

-Awesome customer service. 


So, I noticed on my last run that febreezing my pack after runs was no longer keeping it fresh (this is after several, several months…… don’t judge). And it had those lovely salt patterns. So I wanted to clean it, but was afraid of ruining it. I shot an email through the contact page for Orange mud, and I kid you not, about 4-5 hours later I had a personal response. Love not falling into the black internet contact hole!! A++ you guys!

In case you were wondering…. here’s how to clean it via Josh

First off thanks for buying one of our packs. We appreciate it! 


They key to cleaning the pack is pretty simple. As with any pack, we suggest using a scent free detergent first. The purpose of that is to reduce any reactions with your skin as many of the fragrant detergents can cause. Then just fill up a sink or bucket with luke warm water and hand agitate, be sure to squeeze out the foam. Once you’ve done this for a minute or so, just rinse in a clean batch of water, repeat if necessary, then hang outside to dry. 


A washing machine can be used, but the barrel of a washing machine, even on the delicate cycle is very hard on the heat transfer letters and reflective trim and will ruin it in time. Hence why we suggest hand wash. Otherwise the packs are built super tough and would hold up great!




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