NYRR Midnight Run Race Review or The Most Fun You Can Have on New Year’s in NYC

C Kay Studios- NYRR Midnighit Run Dance Party
C Kay Studios- NYRR Midnighit Run Dance Party


New Year’s Eve in New York City. People think of the ball dropping, huge crowds, peeing in water bottles….etc. 

Not so much fun unless you are the kind of person who likes to say been there, done that. 

But, I do have a way to have a New York kind of New Year’s Eve with the perfect about of crowds, music, and fun, but also access to bathrooms, food, and fun. 

Without further ado I present:

The NYRR MIdnight Run

This seriously might be the best race I’ve ever run. 

Sure it was cold, freezing really, but you don’t really care about that kind of thing when you are having so much fun!

The race starts right at the stroke of midnight after a final count down but you definitely want to get there early! (even though it’s cold)

Start your night off by grabbing swag, taking pictures, then dive right on into the big crowd dancing the night away. See the race costs, but the dance party is completely free and it draws a good crowd (not too big that it’s unbearable, but big enough that you feel like you are having fun). 

About 15 minutes before the race they will send you all to the race corrals where you freeze a little more because of the loss of body heat. But then you get to count down and you are on your way running through Central Park to fireworks for the first mile and a half or so. It’s fantastic!

Also, after 2 miles you get to try chugging bubbly apple cider that is slightly frozen due to the weather. And that my friends is fantastic!

Also as you are running you get tons of people walking by headed home and you get a lot of fun cheers. 

Also you get to laugh at the funny drunk people saying really ridiculous things

like “Hey, run in your lane, don’t you people see you have a lane!”

“Why are there so many people running? I don’t get it”

and tons of funny costumes. 

Anyways, after you cross the line you gets some goodies and can either rejoin the dance party till 2 or head home to start to thaw out. 

Overall, a fantastic race, highly recommend it!

C Kay Studios- NYRR Midnight run
C Kay Studios- NYRR Midnight run Registering and picking up our bibs!

Race Rundown:

Mileage: 4 Miles

Location: Central Park, New York

Pickup: Bib pick up and day of registration is at the NYRR clubhouse on the UES near Central Park.  It’s fairly easy and painless, not big lines, they try and make it fun, and well organized.

Swag: Long sleeve non tech t-shirt. light up things if you stand in line at the race itself. meh.

Food/Drinks: Plenty, it’s a short race so it’s totally enough. And getting a crisp cold honey crisp apple after the race was awesome. 

Amount of People: A LOT. But still less than big city marathons. It’s fun, cozy, and everyone just wants to smile and enjoy. 

Other important items:

– they do have a bag drop if needed

– Plenty of restrooms

-Great beginners course, loads of walkers and casual joggers, definitely a family affair. 

-Clock, and timing chips for the elite runners, but for everyone else you need to track your own time. 

-Getting there is best by hopping the subway or taking a bus, cab, or uber. No parking. 

 -Run Strong,