NYC Tourist: The Tempest- Free Shakespeare in the Park



ckay studios nyc tourist shakespeare in the park
ckay studios nyc tourist shakespeare in the park

Every summer, free things in New York City abound. 

Not all are worthy of trekking out for. Some, however; live up to the hype and lines. 

One of these? Shakespeare in the park! The location is wonderful with the castle int he background. The venue itself is comfortable and the productions are surprisingly high quality!

We stopped in for Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Each summer two shows are shown, one May-June, and one July-August. 

The Public Theatre Company pulls out all the stops and brings in big names, big talents, big sets, and a spectacular show. 


-If going on the weekend, be prepared to camp out for tickets. Like 7 am is not too soon. Many people camp out overnight even though you cant technically get in line till 6 am and the box office doesn’t open till noon. 

-Try for a day where its rainy in the morning but the forecast is clear for the evening, this seems to be the sweet spot for good seats and little to no line for tickets. 

-Bring a picnic or at least dessert, the shows are long and everything is better with a refreshing drink or treat. 

-Each person in line can only get two tickets, so keep this in mind when trying to get a bunch for a group or family with lots of children.