My Favorite Things: Maira Kalman
Source: Julie Saul Gallery

As a happy surprise I stumbled across the work of Maira Kalman at the Julie Saul Gallery. 

A quick glance at her beautiful illustrations, just not do her justice. In fact a barely glanced at her collection. 

But then, I found her work in it’s pristine gallery of a book. The gallery had a few of her books and as a perused them, I fell more and more in love with Maira’s work. She’s an illustrator, but in a very vulnerable and raw sense. Her books I read through were collections of objects she illustrated for the Smithsonian Museum. But they are more than pictures, they are journals, and comments, and wonderfully realistic narrative with whimsy and quirks that make you smile and turn page after page, after page. 

After going through these books, I went back and viewed the chosen illustrations. And they became so much more beautiful because they felt like more than pictures, they felt like memories, events, objects, collections, dreams that you faintly remember. 

So, her work is beautiful, but don’t stop at the painting, read her works. 

Of course I kept diving into her after I got home. 

She has written and illustrated countless times in The New Yorker.

She has a TED Talk, and ya’ll will learn how much i love those who TED Talk. 

Anyways, She is a beautiful soul, and it comes out in her work. I wish more people were as vulnerable as Maira, the world would be so much more fun.