Broadway Review: Aladdin

Disney on Broadway…. 

ckay studios aladdin broadway review
ckay studios aladdin broadway review

It can be wonderful ala The Lion King….

But it can also leaving you wanting more….. like Beauty and the Beast. 

Thankfully, on the continuum from Beauty and the beast to The Lion King, Aladdin is solidly on the Lion King side. Not perfect, but it’s hard to compete with The Lion King. 

Aladdin on Broadway solidly presents the story and movie you know and love onto the stage. With a few added songs and dance numbers, it makes it feel fresh and new. 

Show Type: Musical, comedy

Suitable for: Families. Seriously if your little can handle sitting for that long, even as young as 6 might enjoy it. 

Synopsis: It’s movie you love, no surprise twists here. 

Highlights: The Genie is masterful in this show. I wasn’t sure you could compete with Robin Williams, and he doesn’t. He makes it his own and it’s equally as funny and enjoyable.  Also watching the magic carpet fly with the twinkling starts is pretty great. 

Song I can’t get out of my mind: These Palace Walls and Proud of Your Boy are tied for ballads. But I absolutely LOVE the harmonies on High Adventure. 

Rating: 4 stars. Solidly my second favorite Disney Musical. (For those wondering it goes: 1. Lion King, 2. Aladdin, 3. The Little Mermaid, 4.Beauty and the Beast)

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