Board Games for 2 People

ckay studios 2-player board games
ckay studios 2-player board games

We LOVE board games. 

But we also understand that not every one of our friends want to play… 

So sometimes we play by ourselves, which requires 2 player games. 

The good thing about 2 player games is that they are usually shorter, and can be a great accompaniment to dinner at home or after returning from a day date. It’s something other than TV to help reconnect with your spouse, use your brain a little, and provide a place where trash talking is allowed :). What you don’t have board games that have been outlawed in your house for causing to much stress/fighting? oh…. us either….


These our or favorites as of riiiiiiiiiight now:

Sequence: This is an easy to learn, quick to play game. This doesn’t require too much concentration so conversation is able to be had while playing. Can be as quick as 15 min, but never longer than 30 min per game.


Settlers of Catan: We actually have Settlers of Zarahemla…. but that is out of print and frankly just a rip on Settlers of Catan anyways. But this game takes a little more time (think about an hour), but is a lot of fun. It does have some strategy, but a lot of chance making it so the same person doesn’t win every time. 

Carcassonne: Similar in feeling to Settlers, but completely different game. Plan about 45 min to an hour and has a lot to do with chance… although it does include some strategy. 

San Juan: This is a great game! We played this close to every day for a loooong time. It’s simple, yet require some strategy to go along with the luck of the deck. Takes about 30-45 min.


Rummikub: This is a classic that everyone loves.  it is a bit longer with only two people, but most games won’t run you more than 45 min.


Upwords: This is like Scrabble…. but better. One of my favorite games! It’s a word game so the timing depends on the players, but this one will take at least an hour. Unfortunately, this one is out of print. So…. you can find them, just not always cheap. A good alternative? 

Bannanagrams: This game is great for big groups, but can also be fun with just two people. 

Dominion: This is a favorite for sure. We have many of the expansions! Once you start playing…. you’ll want the expansions! This game can vary in time, depending on what cards  you choose. Plan about 30-1 hour per game. Some strategy is good with this game. 


Pandemic: This is a great game if things get a little…. heated. It’s a cooperative game meaning you work together. This is fun and can be challenging if you want to put in extra mutations down the road. The expansion can help to make it more difficult as well. 


Splendor: This is our new favorite! easy to learn, easy to play and goes pretty quickly.  This game is more luck, and a race to get the right gems first. So great for those that don’t love a game that requires a lot of thinking. 


Qwirkle: This is a great game, easy, fun, and almost purely luck. This will take about 45 minutes but it goes by fast and is low key that you can have a conversation while playing or eating dinner. 


Takenoko: This is a fun game that is challenging, but in a quirky way. Takes a little time to learn, but once learned, is pretty easy to remember from time to time. This game takes about 45 minutes. And… It has a cute little panda.

What are you favorite two player games?

Play on,


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