NYC Restaurant Review: Beyond Sushi

beyond sushi restaraunt

So, I kind of love sushi. But, I love baby sushi. It’s not that I haven’t had nigiri or sashimi or a lollipop roll(I did work in a sushi restaurant after all), it’s just that I don’t like the texture of raw fish in large pieces. Which usually puts me in a pickle at sushi restaurants because you can only have a California roll so many times….. 

Enter stage left: Beyond Sushi. A WHOLE restaurant dedicated to weird sushi eaters just like me that prefer the veggie side of sushi. It’s brilliant. 

NY Review: Beyond Sushi

Overall rating: 5 Stars

Location: Chelsea Market, Union Square, Midtown West

Price: $$ reasonable, depending on how hungry you are, plan on anywhere from 8-$15.

Atmosphere: Teeny Teeny Tiny. At least at the Union Square location (can’t vouch for the other ones…) Three tables tops. Be a good New Yorker, share your table. 

Dine in or Delivery: Dine in, but they also have delivery.

Fries with that?: ummmm no. But you definitely want to grab one of their fresh squeezed drinks (watermelon, cucumber lime, delicious and not overly sweet).

ckay studios beyond sushi drinks
ckay studios beyond sushi drinks

The Skinny:

Beyond Sushi has several rolls and pieces all made with veggie components. Some have fruit (like mango and kiwi). And all use black or multigrain sushi rice. There are some spicy versions and some rather crunchy ones. 

We tried the Spicy mang, Sweet tree, crunch n munch, and la fiesta and enjoyed all of them! Think mango, sweet potatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, avocados, pickled veggies, innovative sauces like carrot ginger, and jalepeno wasabi. The individual pieces are great as well.

They also have salads, soups, hand rolls, and combos to help you try a little of everything. 

We reaallllyy enjoyed this place. Fresh, delicious, and you leave feeling full, but like you did something good for your body. 

beyond sushi
beyond sushi