NY Review: New York Burger Co.

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so many good choices…so many sauces….

Sometimes the best way to find something to eat in New York is to just walk around. It’s always a risk, but in this case, it paid off. New York Burger Co. is everything you want in a burger joint!

Overall rating: 5 Stars

Location: Chelsea, Flatiron District, New York

Price: $$ reasonable, you can be completely full for under 15, and closer to 10 if you choose the mini burger

Atmosphere: Exceptional. Plenty of room, plenty of tables for small and large groups. Free soda fountain refills, windows, public restroom, free wi-fi, and if you get it to go you might miss out on the sauce bar….

Dine in or Delivery: Dine in, but they also have delivery.

Fries with that?: Yes! They are tasty on their own, but they also serve as a vehicle for sauce dipping…

The Skinny:

They do burgers… and they do them well! This is one of the few places you can choose your burger temperature so if you’re into med rare ground beef, you can get it. I prefer pink or no pink, and mine was cooker perfectly. Their various burger combinations are delicious and the Soho Burger was a treat! They also have a black bean burger for veg heads which I am dying to try. Chicken sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, and shakes also show up on the menu. Along with delicious regular fries they have sweet potato and onion rings.  The meat is good, the vegetables ripe, crisp, delicious, the bun soft and chewy, not soggy or too crunchy. 

And now we get to my favorite part: The Sauce bar….. full of condiments you didn’t even know you needed like honey chipotle ranch, ny burger sauce (a sweeten steak sauce), basil pesto, maple dijion mustard (that had a real kick!), and more. Also, excellent pickles. And good pickles are a must with a burger. 

I got the mini SoHo burger combo and at first I was sad it looked so small, but I enjoyed every bite, and left feeling full,  not like I was gonna bust, but not hungry, and I wouldn’t be for hours. So, don’t let “mini” fool you, it is definitely enough!

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