NY Restaurant Review: Pommes Frites

Ahhhhh…. french fries….

One of my favorite things. I distinctly remember a period of my life where I would come home from school and pull out the Ore-Ida frozen french fries and layer them on the tin foil pan I created (for easy clean up) and wait impatiently for the toaster oven to ding signaling that I had my favorite afternoon snack ready. I often chose where I would go to lunch based on the quality of the french fry, and while my family will always have loyalty to the Ore-Ida company (both my father and grandmother worked the line at the factory in teeny tiny Ontario, Oregon), I.cannot.get.enough.french.fries. and will not stop seeking them out at every chance/restaurant. 

And this my friends is what leads us to Pommes Frites in the East Village.

Pommes Frites Source: Laura Z. on Yelp http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/pommes-frites-new-york#0wpas2t2DTIIYO-wkfkkoQ

Overall Rating: 5 stars

Price: $

Location: East Village, New York City

Hours: 11:30 am – 1 Am or 3:30 Am on the weekends

Atmosphere: Like most good New York joints, it’s tiiiiinnnnyyy. With only 2 booths and a small counter, if you don’t hit it on an off hour, you won’t be able to fit in. No bathroom. But not all the Ambiance is lost, they play great music and introduced me to Suzanne Vega via Tom’s Diner.

Dine in/ Delivery: Dine in if you can, if not take it to the park not too far off on a nice day. No Delivery.

Fries with that?: Umm…..Did you just start reading this? YES

The Skinny:

They do fries, Belgian style, and they are delicious! Crispy, golden exteriors, and creamy potatoey insides. Thick, but not too thick. Soft, but not in a bad way and crispy enough to give it texture but not feel like a potato crisp grease stick. 

Make sure you take a friend so that you can try as many of the unique sauces as you can. Things like mango chutney (creamy, not chunky), Mexican kketchup Parmesan Peppercorn, Rosemary Garlic Mayo, and more! Be sure to get a side of the Especial sauce. It’s free, and for those in the know… it’s like fry sauce! 

I was in heaven here. It’s a very good thing I live on the complete opposite side of the island or I would be tempted to go there on a regular (read more than once weekly) basis. 


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