Spring 2015 Trends and Styling

ckay studios spring 2015
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This week is fashion week in NYC, but not for spring, for next fall. I know it’s confusing. 

But today, it still feels like winter, and not in a happy way. So, in honor of fashion week and in hoping to hurry spring related weather along, I give you CKay Studios’s Spring 2015 fashion trends worth trying. 

While I try to be open to all styles and types, I do have some favorites which I sure will be clear. But what will definitely come across is that I support modest fashion. It’s important to me to look nice while still being able to maintain my covenants. This, can sometimes be tricky, but I have found that there is always a way to make fashion and modesty work. And this season quite frankly, there is a lot to work with!

Why you should care:

  • Dressing nice helps self confidence.
  • Keeping up with styles and trends helps you appear more approachable and respectable to others. I know, it sounds crazy, but who do you warm up to more? The person in fashionable dress, or the person who looks like they have been rockin’ the same dress since 1992, and maybe without washing it. 
  • Wearing yoga pants does not make you look or feel like “you got this”.
  • Eventually, clothes wear out and you need to replace them. Knowing what’s coming in and going out can help  you not regret not buying those skinny jeans that are going to be out in 6 months. 
  • Fashion is wearable art. It’s fun to show the world what you like. Let your creative have another outlet. Shine. 

So, This week I’m gonna lay out the trends in styling, colors, patterns, cuts, fabrics, etc. And next week, We’ll talk about where to find and how to buy. 

Consider this your spring crash course to looking as amazing as you are!


Black and White


Color of the Year Marsala





Midi and Knee Length




Mixing Prints

Metallic, Shine, and Sparkle


Monochromatic Color and Print


Asian Influence

Big Tie Around


Checks and WindowPane

Safari Inspired and Army Green

Jewel Tones


70’s Style

lace, crochet, Kint

White on White



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