Broadway Review: Finding Neverland

Ah Broadway…

ckay studios finding neverland broadway review
ckay studios finding neverland broadway review

There are few things I enjoy more than a good night out to the theater to see an amazing show. And this, this is one of them. 

I saw this show with the original cast including Kelsey Grammer and Matthew Morrison. Both were spectacular. Though, to be honest I though Morrison was going to be the highlight but it was so, so, so Kelsey Grammer. While not the best singer, he holds his one while making a terrific villain and providing great laughs. 

Show Type: Musical, comedy, drama

Suitable for: Families, ages 10 or so and up

Synopsis: This show is based on the movie with the same title featuring Johnny Depp. While the movie is a drama and tear inducing, the broadway show is decidedly upbeat without losing the great messages of the movie, and in some spots enhancing them. (Seriously, did anyone get the grandma was the crocodile?!?!).

The music and soundtrack is amazing and I am anxiously waiting it’s release. 

The costumes are good, but the sets…. oh man I love the sets. They are nothing short of fantasy building. 

Highlights: Oh man, the scene before intermission was so great. It was simultaneously riveting, exciting, glamorous and terrifying. It was Broadway at it’s finest.  I don’t want to say too much and give it away… but the ship and the clock hats. oh. my. 

Song I can’t get out of my mind: In the Circus of My Mind

Rating: 4 stars. This is great. Not my ultimate favorite of all time ever. But solidly in the top 5.